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Clinical Hypnotherapy

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a powerful, simple and safe tool in implementing positive changes within a person’s life and can help with dealing with a wide range of issues that can hinder your progress, such as anxiety, depression, stress and life limiting phobia’s & addictions.

It can also be used to enhance deep relaxation, to de-stress, relieve muscle tension or unwind after a mentally taxing event or situation, which is vital for long term health & happiness.

How does it work?


When we are awake we are present in our conscious minds, however our consciousness is only 10% of our mind and it is not always correct.

Hypnotherapy accesses your all-important Subconscious mind.

This is where changes can take place, by accessing the Alpha and Theta Brainwaves, which can only be accessed through deep relaxation. And since our Sub-conscious mind is 90% of our mind, real change can occur.

Hypnotherapy is a natural and focused consciousness, using extreme relaxation which harnesses your internal capabilities so that you can achieve great accomplishments.

We offer transformational Hypnotherapy Treatment in the following Area’s:

  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety Removal
  • Depression
  • Weight Loss
  • Self-Appreciation & Negativity
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Interview Confidence
  • Managing Pain
  • Exam nerves
  • Relaxation and Calm
  • Self Esteem Building
  • Stop smoking
  • Confidence Boosting
  • Addictions
  • Anger Management
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Interview Confidence
  • Pain
  • Exam nerves
  • Fears and Phobias

The most common:

  • Fear of Flying
  • Fear of Heights
  • Fear of Driving
  • Fear of Animals (snakes, spiders, dogs)
  • Claustrophobia
  • Many others

Hypnosis Facts

It is a very safe and natural state of mind – In over 200 years, no one has ever been hurt by hypnosis.

Hypnosis is NOT mind control- You are always in control of the session.

You cannot get stuck in hypnosis. This is a fallacy created for TV shows and entertainment.

You can hear at all times and are in complete control.

The worse thing that can happen is that you fall asleep.

Hypnosis is not sleep. It is focus consciousness.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Session

Free Initial Consultation Free
The first Session is 1.5 hours. Relaxed but a Detailed Session for maximum benefits £ 175.00

We discuss your personal History, your medical record & the problem you wish to treat.

This session includes

  • Far-infrared physical Therapy for free (should you wish)
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Insomnia Review

Subsequent Sessions

Sessions are 45 min £ 79.00
STOP Smoking Cessation- 2-3 hour + 1 Top up session and therapy support £250.00

This session includes

  • Far-infrared physical Therapy for free – should you wish
  • Neuroplasticity

Sessions are held in our Comfortable Therapy Room based in Borough Green.

Home Visits can be arranged from £160.00

Telephone Check up’s as required

How to Make an Appointment:

To make an appointment with a Hypnotherapist – please call now

Or send an e-mail message at:
[email protected]