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Dementia Monthly Plan

This monthly package is a convenient way to ensure that your loved one is being looked after and taken care of, while they remain in their own home, or in the event that you are not around. (Due to work or family commitments.) We look after the person mentally and emotionally.

We are the eyes and ears that you need, when you cannot be around.

Many Dementia or elderly peron’s suffer from feeling alone and isolated. Many feel anxious and depressed. Many feel unloved or a burden. These feelings often lead to an increase of depression and anxiety.

Our Monthly Plan will give you the confidence that you are supporting your loved one, whilst ensuring that they are getting the best care.

Our sessions are a full package and will include all our therapies during our visits, at various times during the week.

Your therapist will work hard to ensure that your loved one is not feeling isolated & alone and regular visits and phone calls, will be incorporated into their week. We will keep them busy; doing the things they love, while incorporating cognitive stimulation and sensory interventions.

We will ensure that your loved one gets the need and attention they deserve and not feeling left alone and isolated.

We are your eyes and ears. Anything that is noticed of concern, will be reported to the family.

This is a flexible plan and we adapt according to the needs and wishes of the client and the family. No 2 plans are the same and no 2 visits are the same. We see what your loved one needs and we fill this need, whether it be a meal out or a walk to encourage endorphin levels or a CBT Session with light Therapy.

We take on a share of the burden.

This requires a min 3 month commitment.

Full well-being package will include all the services we offer:

Full Treatment Package-Min 3 month commitment £ 99.00 per week

A typical month will include:

Weekly Person Centred Therapy Visits- lasting an hour each time.

Therapies Incorporated in our Visits:

*Cognitive Behavioral Therapy specific to Dementia or MIC
*Cognitive Stimulation & Rehabilitation Therapy
*Reminiscence Therapy
*Sensory Interventions
*Alternative Therapies – which can include
– Aromatherapy
– Massage
* Neuroplasticity
*SAD Blue Light Therapy Sessions
*Far-infrared Physical Therapy
*Deep Relaxation Techniques, Visual Imagery and Relaxation Therapy
*Stress Management Coping Techniques – Stress Journal
*Clinical Hypnotherapy & Progressive Muscle Relaxation
*Insomnia sleeps clinic and treatment
*Exercise sessions
*Monitoring & checking of Blood Pressure
*Monitoring & checking of Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Also included in the monthly plan:

*Regular Phone Calls
To ensure that there are no problems & to monitor any concerns such as anxiety or depression.
*Regular Check in visit’s
To ensure that the client is not feeling alone & isolated. A cup of tea & a visit from a friendly face goes a long way. This includes monitoring foods being eaten & how often and ensuring hydration.  Any concerns will be raised with the family.
*Scheduled social events arranged by your therapist
To ensure your loved one gets out and about and manages to get fresh air, sunshine & a change of scenery. This can include afternoon teas, forest walks, new experiences or hobby exploration or meals out. During these outings we ensure that all the senses are stimulated and Therapies above are incorporated in an easy way.
*Assistance with activities
Any shopping, doctors app and social events if required.
*Keeping family updated
As the condition progresses, we update and keep the family posted.
*Regular review of care
Including updating the care and needs assessments
*Meal monitoring.
Meals are often forgotten & missed. This will be checked up on regularly.
*Confidence Building & Depression and Anxiety Monitoring.
Encouragement of new hobbies or groups, which your therapist will attend with your loved one if required.
This will encourage meeting new people and encourage socializing.
*Monitoring Personal hygiene
Monitor clean clothing, bathing ect.

How to Make an Appointment:

To make an appointment with a Therapist- please call now

Or send an e-mail message at:
[email protected]

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