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Dementia Needs Assesment

Dementia Precision will work closely with you and your loved one to maximize their level of independence in their day to day activities. This will enable your loved one to remain in control of their daily life, which is of the utmost importance, especially when they feel they are not in control.

Dementia is different from person to person, but many struggles and difficulties CAN be minimized.

Your private Therapist will evaluate and advise on how to improve these difficulties, that may be faced.

We Follow the NHS Guidelines on what Home adaptations can be made and cover the following critical areas:

Our Appointments

We offer a private face to face assessment that takes place in the client’s home. This allows us to see what support is needed. The Assessment is Person Centred and will be tailored to the individual client and their specific needs, wants and aims. We will need to view the person’s own home so that a full review can be completed.

Appointments usually last 2-3 hours within the home and include:

A comprehensive report will be produced and recommendations’ and advice will be included in that report. This can be either e-mailed or posted.

What we will need for an accurate Needs Assessment:

  1. We ask for any supporting documents from Doctors and other health care officials to be sent over, so we can include these in your Needs Assessment.
  2. A list of medications you are taking and for what conditions.
  3. As we are Person Centred Practise, we ask for any wishes and requests to be included to ensure that any adaptations are in line with likes and dislikes of the Individual.
  4. We also include discussions about any future care requirements as the condition progresses.

How to Make an Appointment:

To make an appointment with a Therapist- please call now

Or send an e-mail message at:
[email protected]

By working together, we can produce practical solutions that aim to reduce the impact of the condition and facilitate and preserve what the client enjoys doing and what matters to them most.

Needs Assessment Price List:

Needs Assessment £149.00
Appointments usually last 2-3 hours within the home and include:
Full Written Recommendation which is either e-mailed or posted.

What will be in included your Needs Assessment:

  • Both Big and Small changes or adaptations to your loved ones home.
  • Mobility and falls within the home
  • Mobility and Falls while out and about.
  • Access In and out of the home
  • Cooking and House Hold Activities
  • Forgetfulness&Assistive Technology
  • Memory problems and Recommended Therapies
  • Fine motor skills: difficulty with writing, zips or buttons
  • Personal Care and Daily living skills- such as dressing independence or using a knife and fork
  • Sleeping Advice.
  • Staying Safe and Security.
  • Home gadgets and Equipment that can make life easier.
  • Activity Planning
  • Forgetfulness, Memory and Confidence
  • Also included, is a useful list of Suppliers – as supported and recommended by Age UK, which you can use to implement your Therapist recommendations. This could save you both time and money.
  • Partner 1
  • Partner 2
  • Partner 3
  • Partner