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Setting New Goals for Positive Results

January 4, 2024

To maintain optimum healthy balance in our lives and increase our happiness levels, consider Goals in the 5 main life area’s to obtain amazing positive results.

This will include:

– Your Relationships

– Your Education or Career and Employment

-Your Recreation and Interests

-Mind, Body and Soul

-Your Daily responsibilities

Accept that each area needs our time and attention. Set goals with intention.

If Goals are balanced and SMART, we are better able to achieve the positive results we desire. Results lower anxiety and depression and also reduce our stress levels. But we need to make sure the goals are achievable. This will lower anxiety, aggravation and anger towards our goals.

Ask yourself what you wish to accomplish and why. This will be a great motivator and will give you clarity.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, along with mindset work can create huge, powerful impact.

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