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Clinical Observations

Personal Health Check

This is an overall check up on your Health and allows a personto monitor their actual age in comparison with their lifestyle age. This Health Check is recommended by the NHS min every 5 years to monitor your lifestyle and see if changes need to be made.

This Health Assessment will give you guidance on where you stand on accepted score levels, which will allow you to address any lifestyle changes that need to be made to avoid serious problems such as chest pain, heart failure, heart attacks and strokes, Vascular Dementia

In our Health check we cover the following areas:

  • Heart Age
  • Body Mass Index ( BMI)
  • Blood Pressure and Results- Systolic and Diastolic
  • Pulse / Heart Rate
  • Breathing and Respiratory rate
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Physical Activity
  • Cholesterol Test and Results

What to Expect

A few simple questions and a few simple tests will allow us to produce this personalized report. It’s informal and completed in the office in Kent.

A 7 page report is produced, which can be e-mailed to you.

We would be happy to discuss any results should you require

Clinical Observations Health Check Costs £69.00

How to Make an Appointment:

To make an appointment withan accredited Hypnotherapist Therapist- please call now

Tel: 1732 387 384

Or send an e-mail message at:
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