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Counselling & Family Support

Counselling is provided in our therapy rooms based in Borough Green. TN15.

Counselling is very effective talking therapy that allows you to express   your very personal thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a safe and non-judgmental way.

We will help you to make sense of things and understand yourself better.

Sometimes it’s hard to talk to family and friends, and all you need is someone that will listen to you and how you are feeling.

We offer a tailored service according to your own personal needs.

Neuro Precision offer’s counselling & support to


          *Adolescence and Children


          *Relationship & couples counselling


Regardless if you are anxious, depressed , have had a difficult life event or traumatic experience, talking therapies can be greatly beneficial in coming to terms with difficult emotions, including anger, sadness, guilt and grief.

Neuro Precision offer much needed help and support at difficult times.

Adolescence and children:

Young people also have problems in their life, from bullying to problems at home or school and often just need a non-judgmental listening ear from a stranger , which is sometimes easier than talking to parents or friends. We offer a non clinical therapy room, to help put young ones at ease and use a variety of methods to make your child or teenager feel relaxed and comfortable.


You might be worried about your child’s behavior or how divorce can impact your family. There are a lot of ways that we can help you, provide support and assist with communications. Family counselling  helps you understand and cope better with any strains in the family life.

Relationship & couples counselling:

This is personalized counselling where we help you talk things over with your partner, and help you move forward, through difficulties that you may be facing within your relationship.

Together we help you identify issues and how to face these together. Arguments and conflict are common, and we will help you to communicate in an effective and constructive manner.

Relationship counselling is not about blame. It’s about opening up, and listening to how your partner really feels and why.

How to Make an Appointment:

To make an appointment with a Therapist- please call now

Or send an e-mail message at:
[email protected]


All treatments are based on the individual, and take into account your personal life history, along with your work and social life.

Making your first appointment is a difficult step to take. You will be treated with sensitivity, respect and discretion at all times.

Your appointment is confidential and you can be assured professionalism & discretion.

Sessions are usually once a week and the sessions last 45min

Sessions are held in our Comfortable Therapy Room based in Borough Green.

Sessions can be anything from 4/6 sessions- 12 sessions, depending on the individual and the circumstances.

Counselling Sessions  + Techniques and Steps to Implement Change £79.00