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Neuroplasticity and Rewiring your Brain

What Is Neuroplasticity?

This is the ability of neurons and networks in the brain to change connections and behaviors, in response to:

As life progresses, the brain becomes Energy Efficient & Habits and Patterns form. We need to work on optimizing our brain connection’s, as neurons that are not stimulated – fail to reconnect.


Our brain which is designed to save resources, will eliminate these connections. Therefore our mind becomes weaker and less effective.

Self-Destruction Habits can affect many areas of life, including our mood, behavior and health and the way our brain functions.

These sessions create Challenge’s to Stimulate our Brain activity, as the more we interact, the more Enriched your brain will be, which result in larger neurons with stronger chemical connections.


We provide sessions in which we exercise the brain, strengthening the connections of the neurons.

Sessions encompass all 3 types of Exercises:


Neuroplasticity is also used in rehabilitation. If you have been in rehabilitation for a brain injury, such as trauma or a stroke, you have probably heard the term neuroplasticity.

It is important to start neuroplasticity Exercises before the neurons die.

Our sessions assist in breaking bad habits and patterns, influencing these habits and patterns and then changing them for the better, which leaves a person stimulated & happier and healthier.

Sessions also Useful for

Treatment Plans

All treatment plans are based on you as an individual, taking into account your personal life history, along with your work and social life.

Neuroplasticity and Rewiring your Brain Session

Stand Alone Appointments. £79.00


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Neuroplasticity Therapy Sessions can be added to either CBT Therapy Sessions , Insomnia Sleep Clinic Sessions or Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions, free of charge.


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