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Initial Consultation

This is a free telephone consultation.

Dementia Precision understands that making the first appointment is a difficult step to take.

Your Therapist will work closely with you and your loved one, to maximize their level of independence in their day to day activities.

This will enable your loved one to remain in control of their daily life, which is of the utmost importance, especially when they feel they are not in control.

Dementia is different from person to person, but many struggles and difficulties can be minimized and life can be made easier for the Person with Dementia and their families.

Your Therapist will evaluate and advise on how to improve these difficulties that may be faced.

The next step, should you wish to proceed with our services, is the

  1. Person centered Dementia Care Plan
  2. Person centered Needs Assessment Plan.

*There is currently a 6 month waiting list for each of the above Assessments on the NHS.


We follow the NHS & NICE Guidelines (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) so where possible, we encourage the person living with dementia to give their own views and opinions, in care.

We can also discuss privately any needs and concerns with the family.

The Consultation will include a Full Overview and Introduction, along with the services we offer.

You have full control over each individual service and can decide which course of services and treatments you wish to take advantage of and for how long you wish us to continue for.

Dementia Precision offer Person centered, Holistic care and will endeavour to focus on the entire mind and body.

Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit and Environment.


Many People with Dementia also suffer from Depression and Anxiety. Your private Therapist will work closely with you and your family to ensure they feel happier and healthier.

Many People with Dementia are also aware of their Memory Loss and feel frightened and unsure what the future will hold.It is imperative that these are addressed to ensure your loved one remains happy and healthy. And it is vital that people with Dementia stay as active as they can- Physically, Mentally and Socially.

This important area will be covered and addressed in the Therapy sessions, to ensure your loved one feels in control of their future.

How to Make an Appointment:

To make an appointment with a  Therapist- please call now

Or send an e-mail message at:
[email protected]

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